Year 5 visit to the Harris Museum

Lesson: History

Class: Year 5 Year: 2017 - 2018

Today, Year 5 visited the Harris Museum in Preston.

Firstly, we left school and walked to the bus stop where we caught a bus into town. Then, we quickly walked to the museum.

After taking off our coats, we split into two groups to complete the two different activities.

One activity involved climbing up two flights of stairs to the very top of the museum and looking at the paintings on the Egyptian Balcony. The other activity involved looking a a huge painting in the Art Gallery which shows the flooding of the Nile. We did some freizes, question booklets and sketching of the things we saw.

All to soon, we had to put on our coats and come back to school. We had a fantastic time and would like to say thanks to Dawn and Charlotte, who made the morning lots of fun.

Year 5

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