Beastly recycling

Lesson: Science

Class: Year 5 Year: 2016 - 2017

On Monday 24th April, we went outside into the wild garden and spend the afternoon hunting for bugs and building habitats for them to live in.

We had already learnt how important mini-beasts are for our world. They make the compost which allows our plants to grow, which means we have food to eat.

We dug through the soil and found all sorts of creatures: worms, snails, wood louse, beetles and millipedes. We were very careful, as we didn't want to hurt them. Some people think that if you cut a worm in half you make two worms, but this isn't true. You just kill it which is really sad.

Then, we got into groups and made some habitats (bug hotels) for the mini-beasts. We used natural resources such as twigs, sticks, leaves, stones and grass. Periodically, we will go out and se who has moved into out hotels.

Year 5 

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