Year 3 Information


Year 3 have PE lessons every Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has an indoor (shorts and t-shirt) and outdoor kit (tracksuit bottoms and a sports jumper) in school at all times, which is clearly named and includes pumps or trainers. We will try to take PE outside as much as possible, so an outdoor kit will make sure your child is comfortable.

A spare pair of socks in their PE kit is also helpful, especially for the girls who need to change out of their tights. This will prevent their feet becoming sore.


Your child will be taught how to spell and, more importantly, the strategies which make a good speller. These spelling sessions will engage children in spelling challenges in a collaborative way that encourages reasoning and hypothesising about meanings and word families.

The list of words, which are the focus of the weekly spelling sessions, will be sent home every Monday and must be returned on or before the Friday. Please support your child not only by ensuring they complete their spelling sheet each week, but by talking to them about the meaning of these words.


Homework is a key part of learning in Year 3 and will always be planned to reinforce work in class or as an introduction to class work. Your support is always appreciated in encouraging your child to complete homework tasks as it does embed skills they have learnt in class. I will talk to the children about expecting the same standard of work in their homework as I would expect from their work in the classroom.

Two pieces of homework will be sent home each Friday and must be returned on or before the following Wednesday. Children will receive Dojo points for returning their homework. T

Reading at Home

While we may talk to children every day, the vocabulary used is often repetitive. Reading with your child, however, ensures they are exposed to vocabulary on different topics, meaning they hear words or phrases which they may not hear otherwise in their day to day lives. Reading also develops a child’s ability to empathise, increases their concentration and helps them to relax. 

Please do ensure that your child reads at least three times per week with an adult at home and that their reading record is signed by an adult. Reading books and recordd should be brought to school every day. Reading records are checked each Friday and there are rewards for children who have managed to read at least three times. 

If your child completes their book at home, then they will be asked to leave the book in the relevant box in the classroom to indicate that it needs changing. 

Please note that we are quarantining all books for 48 hours before placing them back on the shelves.



I must have my book bag, reading book and reading record

My new spellings go home today






I must have my book bag, reading book and reading record

If I play the violin, my lesson is today






I must have my book bag, reading book and reading record


My homework is due today.





I must have my book bag, reading book and reading record




My library book needs returning today. 


I must have my book bag, reading book and reading record

My spelling test is today

I have PE today. I must have my indoor and outdoor kit (in case we go outside)

My completed spelling sheet is due today

I will bring my new homework home today.

I will bring a library book home today.


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