School Curriculum

The National Curriculum is fully implemented in our school and we have adopted the recommended numeracy and literacy strategies. We present learning in a way that gives all our children equal opportunities to benefit.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (from age 4+ to 5+), experiences cross many curriculum boundaries and play provides the key to learning. At Key Stage 1 (5+ to 7+), subjects are integrated in a way that helps children to learn in a meaningful way. Many natural links continue in Key Stage 2 (7+ to 11+), but we place increasing emphasis on subject differentiation to give our children specific skills and knowledge in the various subjects.

Through Personal and Social Education, we foster caring attitudes and good citizenship and we teach children to make healthy life choices.

We believe that we deliver a really exciting, broad, enriched and stimulating curriculum in our school that is both relevant and purposeful to the needs of all pupils.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information relating to how the curriculum is organised and delivered in our school.

In order to make the curriculum exciting, one of the key strengths of our school is the fact that every year group experiences one of the following every half-term - either an educational visit eg Martin Mere, Museum, Longridge/Fleetwood or Barton Grange, or a visit to school by a relevant professional eg Creepy Crawly Roadshow or Science-Electricity workshops. Hence, much of the core curriculum work can then be applied to a realistic and challenging situation.

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