In order to plan accurately the work for each child,the teachers assess each child's progress informally on a daily basis.More formal assessments are carried out periodically so that each child can be assessed as being on track, exceeding expectations or working below expectations for a child of that age group.

From September 2015, children in every year group in KS1 and KS2 in Reading,Writing and Mathematics will be classified every term as being one of Entering,Developing or Secure.For an average child, the expectation is that in the Autumn Term they will be assessed as an E,Spring Term as a D and Summer Term as a S.For most other subjects the pupils are formally assessed once a year as an E, a D or a S.

In our EYFS we carry out a Baseline Assessment during the first few days of the term.From Sept 2016, that information is going to be used by all schools and the DfE in order to set targets for the school for when that cohort of pupils leave their Y6 here ie in July 2023.

Please do refer to the results for our school that are reported elsewhere on the website.We are all very proud of our recent results which I believe help to emphasise the very high quality of learning and teaching that all of the pupils experience in our school.

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