Egyptian Balcony

On Thursday 11th October, our class visited the Harris museum to look at the Egyptian Balcony.

The balcony is right at the top of the museum, in fact if you don't about it, you might not know it is there! As we walked up the stairs there were paintings from the Book of the Dead and a copy of the Rossetta Stone which is a very important Egyptian artefact, as it helped us to decode the hieroglyphics.

The balcony has lots of huge paintings of Egypt from around 100 years ago. The Harris Museum paid a painter to travel to Egypt to paint pictures so the people of Preston could see what Egypt was like. On them you can see the Sphinx, the pyramids and the Nile as well as other temples and paintings of statues of the pharaohs. It is spectacular to see.

We also looked at a painting called 'The Sudden Rise of tne Nile' and some artefacts that had been brought to the museum such as shabitis (servant dolls for the Afterlife), jewellery, masks and wooden body parts for use in mummification.

We had an excellent morning and created some excellent sketch work.

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