What do you like to do at school?

Date: 21st Apr 2017 @ 1:31pm

Amelia R wrote:

I like to play with the barbies and the dolls house.

Lillyann t wrote:

i like to play football although im bad at it i like to talk to my friends as well

Jolene b wrote:

I like to play the violin and writing

Benie M wrote:

i like doing maths and science

Louis r wrote:

My favorite lesson is maths and ICT

Julian t wrote:

i like to do swimming

Leighton p wrote:


Umar h wrote:


Jessica a wrote:


Alysia l wrote:

I like talking to my friends

Hannah t wrote:

I like Art and PE

Umar h wrote:

and tournaments

Alisha g wrote:

I like Art , English , Maths

Arana w wrote:

Doing art lessons! I'm free to be as creative as I want in those lessons!

Ben p wrote:

I love doing ICT and Geography

Spencer r wrote:

i like to play football

David c wrote:

going to Liverpool museum and seeing the dinosurs

Lily-Rae W wrote:

i like to play outside with the mud kitchen and inside with the dinosaurs.

Callum h wrote:

Mine is swimming and ICT and reading kensukes kingdom

Wesley H wrote:

I like playing with the lego. I like reading. I like to play with my best friend ethan and I like to do the number lines and the computer.

Katie D wrote:


Lincoln T wrote:

I like to play on the computers and do my writing.

Natalia J wrote:

Mostly in school , I like to play with dolls and read books .

Conor P wrote:

I like to do phonics and number work and playing outside with my friends.

Lillyann t wrote:

mine is maths with Mrs Hatch best Teacher ever

Emily C wrote:

I like playing with the playdo and the puppet theatre and i like skipping at play time.

Alesha M wrote:

I LOVE playing on the computers also I play with my bf Jamieson Jones and Sam Middle

Ethan D wrote:

I like doing my phonics ' reading and number work I also like playing with my Bestest friend Wesley at break time and dinner time .

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