What do we need to do to keep healthy?

Date: 2nd May 2017 @ 4:58pm

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Natalia J wrote:

to be healthy you have to:
* drink water
*eat fruit
*eat vegetables
* dink milk

Wesley H wrote:

eat your five a day and exercise

Conor P wrote:

1. We need to exercise.
2. Drink water.
3. Eating healthy food.

Spencer r wrote:

drink water and eat fruit

Amelia R wrote:

1. We need to eat fruit
2. Exercise
3. Drink water
4. Wash hands so we dont get germs
5. Eat vegetables

Alesha M wrote:

We need vegtables get strong bones and eat lots of protien. We need to sleep to get loads of enerjy.

Ethan D wrote:

To be healthy we have to stop eating sweeties and eat more fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water exercise is also very good to do too.

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