What is your favourite animal?

Date: 8th Jun 2017 @ 4:37pm

What is your favourite animal? Why do you like it?

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Emily C wrote:

My favourite animal is a dog. You can have lots of fun with them playing fetch with a ball.

Conor P wrote:

Monkeys are my favourite animal because they can swing from tree to tree which is amazing.

Alesha M wrote:

My favourite pet is a pug because they make laugh because they flop to the ground every 20-30 mins

Ethan D wrote:

My favourite animal is a cat most of my family members have cats so I'm always around them my nanna has a cat called ollie and I play with him all the time wen I go I just need to shout his name and he comes to me striaght away .

Tia r wrote:

unicorns because they are so beautiful and pretty and magical vso awsome

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